The Daikin Night of 5's is set for 18 December, 2020.

The 2020 Daikin Night of 5’s set for December 18

AGE AS 31.12.2020

Field Programme

3:00pm – Discus (Men/Women Open)
4:30pm – Shot Put (Men/Women Open)
4:30pm – Hammer Men & Women
4:30pm – High Jump Men & Women
6:00pm – Pole Vault Men & Women
6:00pm – Discus Men & Women
8:00pm – Shot Put Men & Women

Track Programme
6:00pm – Under 10 Mixed 800m
6:10pm – Under 14 Girls 2000m
6:25pm – Under 14 Boys 2000m
6:40pm – Under 16 Mixed 2000m
6:55pm – Mixed/Open 5000m (cut off 30mins)
7:30pm – Women’s 400m Hurdles
7:45pm – Women’s 100m Heats (2)
7:55pm – Men’s 100m Heats (2)
8:05pm – Men’s B 800m
8:10pm – Women’s B 800m
8:20pm – Men’s B 5000m
8:50pm – Women’s 100m Final
8:55pm – Men’s 100m Final
9:00pm – Women’s A 800m
9:05pm – Men’s A 800m
9:15pm – Women’s 5000m
9:45pm – Men’s A 5000m (Blincoe Cup)

Athletes will need to report 60 minutes before race start time to collect bib and hip numbers. Race seeding and final start times will be available on the website by 8:00pm, Wednesday 16th December.

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