Under Armour 5k Team Relays

Running is usually you, yourself and I. You’re on your own…. But this year, at the Night of 5s let’s mix it up!

Grab your friends, club mates or your foes and take on the Under Armour 5k Team Relay.

We have both a Junior 5k Team Relay (4:50pm) and an Open 5km Team Relay (6:50pm).

Wondering how this will work? Here are the rules:

  1. Team size (3-5 members)
  2. Everyone must run a minimum of 1 lap
  3. Team baton must travel 12.5 laps
  4. Runners must changeover in the ‘changeover box’
  5. Gender Mix; male or female team of 3: ratio 2:1 | Team of 4 ratio: 2:2 | Team of 5 ratio: 3:2
  6. Junior Relay – must be aged 10-14 years on race day
  7. Open Relay – must be aged 15 years and above on race day

Team Entry: $100 per team. Each member of the team will receive an Under Armour T-Shirt.

We only have 20x team spots per race so get in quick and register your team here.

Open 5k Team Relay – 1st team: $500, 2nd team: $250, 3rd team: $100.

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